Found these news stories this week and thought they were interesting……..Click on the headlines to get the whole story.


Man in Zanesville, Ohio release wild animals from preserve and then kills himself.   USA Today, Oct 19, 2011

Climate Change is Shrinking Species National University of Singapore, October 17, 2011

Biodiversity found in all world’s soils,, Oct 18, 2011

Polar Bear Fate Rests with Obama, Huffington Post Editorial, October 19th, 2011

Starbucks Fears Climate Change Could Harm World Coffee Supply, Huffington Post, October 17th, 2011

Malaria Vaccine Breakthrough After 24 Years of Research!, Treehugger, October 19th, 2011

Goliath Grouper Comeback Creates Conflict, Sarasota Herald Tribune, October 16th, 2011





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  1. chris says:

    In regards to climate change affecting coffee supply. I don’t think tea will satisfy the coffee drinkers and energy supplement drinks don’t appeal to the older generations. It would be neat if a few botanist got an organization together “save the bean” and produce an Indoor strand of coffee bean. After a few minutes of research producing a mighty tasty bean is all about the “climate” and altitude so why not produce an artificial environment. It would be a great solution, opposed to an outrageous price inflation/ tax on my already over priced mocha frappe chino~

  2. laura wood says:

    in response to the man who released several animals and then taking his own life. this is sad and makes little sense to me. It is good that he cared so much for these animals but sad that he cared less for himself. I found this act to be somewhat counter productive though. After he released these wild animals, most of which cannot survive in a metropolitan area, they were captured and returned. If anything, its a sad story and a nuisance to the zookeepers. In the end, he made a statement but nothing that can’t be made as it was before.

  3. laura wood says:

    in reguards to “climate change is shrinking species.” This I find very interesting, seeing as humans are getting much LARGER and taller. The effect of the climate is making animals smaller in stature and making us bigger. This is very disheartening, because without the wonderful diversity of the world, we can literally not exist. It is remarkable when you think of the dinosaurs and creatures that existed years ago and the enormous size of them. They were the top predators, and now it is us. Does their fate reflect ours?

  4. laura wood says:

    in response to “Malaria Breakthrough after 25 years of research!” its nice to hear good news instead of bad news all the time. Malaria effects millions, so seeing his vaccine full promise makes me excited for the future. Maybe they will one day be able to say that the world is rid of malaria, similar to smallpox.

  5. laura wood says:

    in response to “goliath grouper comeback creates conflict.” This debate is interesting because fishermen are agitated by the groupers and are probably tempted to just keep the fish. The truth is that we should’nt take the chances. Although we dont know the past population of what it should be, these creatures need to be under protection because they simply cannot protect themselves. They are too easy to catch and the mangroves they need to survive are dwindleing. all in all, we need to keep these fish protected, no matter what small inconveinience it might cause fishermen.

  6. April White says:

    For the Man in Ohio releasing wild animals from his preserve and then killing himself I don’t understand why Ohio doesn’t have a law against having wild animals like so many other states do. Lions, tigers, and bears are called wild for a reason. They are meant to be out in the wild and not locked in a cage. I understand he supposedly rescued these animals from people who probably bought the animals when they were babies and soon came to find out they don’t stay babies forever and couldn’t take care of them but it was obvious from Thompsons $39,642 he owed to the IRS that he couldn’t take care of them either. It’s understandable as to why the cops had to kill the animals it’s just sad because the animals didn’t ask to be put in that situation and they weren’t out to kill anyone but unfortunately they were a threat to the community.

  7. woao! what different issues come up with one change! but the malaria vaccine story excites me the most! as living in africa! malaria and mosquitoes are a huge problem! and with this improvement and exploration, we can save many lives!
    Chitra 😀

  8. Dave Swanson says:

    I followed the story of the man who owned his own personal zoo in Ohio committing suicide. From what I read when he released all the animals he sabotaged their cages so the authorities couldn’t put them back in without the animals getting out. I guess he really just wanted them all to live their lives. it is sad that it had to end this way.

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