I just found something and I thought it was relevant to our class so i figured I’d share: the restaurant I currently work for has recently undergone a change as to which suppliers we use to get our vegetables. At Geckos’s Grill&Pub we recently changed the vendor for which we get our veggetables to Honeyside Farms, a very local farm found right here in Sarasota. The reasoning for doing this was to provide customers with the freshest, best tasting, and most nutritional produce to our customers. Two additional reasons for making this change was to become a greener company in reducing the cost and energy for shipping foods a long distance to get to our location. The third reason for making this change was to support our local economy in working with local farmers.

Honeyside Farms was established only four years ago by a local Sarasota family interested in providing their community with fresh and healthy seasonal produce. There crops can be bought from the Sarasota Farmers Markets weekly! Also be sure to stop in from February to March for you-pick Strawberry season!

-Danielle BUrke


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