Nils-Udo, is a German Artist. Born in 1937, he began art in the 1960’s as a traditional painter. Soon after that, he decided to move to his home country of Bavaria and begin doing something very odd. He decide to make planted creations. He would take these creations and leave them in natures hands to develop and eventually disappear. After a while he began photographing his pieces in order to share them with the world. Udo’s practice fluctuates between intricately planned out installations, some urban, and extensive use of found natural materials after he has immersed himself in a place and a particular season season. This has led to both small and quite monumental works, including Nordhorn Tower and STONE-TIME-MAN. The Artist,Nils-Udo, however recognizes that, just like the flowers on a leaf, these pieces too will eventually slowly decay and fall back into nature, even though that timeline might be much longer than that of a flower.

Nordhorn Tower

Nordhorn Tower

Over the course of all of Nils-Udo’s works, his primary metaphor, which can be seen across most of his works, is the nest. He believes that the nest circles down into the comfort of the natural earth. Along with this he holds a deep playful affinity for berries and blossoms.

Quite possibly the most interesting thing about Nils-Udo’s works is that he creates all of his works on site, and only uses materials which he can find around him in the area which he is creating the piece. describes his work best when they say “It is a seductive world of “potential utopias”, colorful mounds, giant nests and dreamy days in the forest. Nature is the source and inspiration.”

Nils-Udo’s artworks are a great testament to the utter beauty of nature. we don’t need such artificial means we’ve created to make something utterly beautiful in nature.


Morning Earth

Green Museum

-Dave Swanson


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  1. maggie lee says:

    Wow I love his work. I love the rhythm and pattern in the giant nest, especially. I love how he does not bring in outside materials. Everything he uses to create is found on site. Amazing.

  2. Ann Putney says:

    I would love to see his artwork in person and crawl into the nest. It’s really cool to see someone play with natural elements like that. It’s just rearranging them in a different order that he found on site which is awesome

  3. tetchist says:

    This reminds me of a similar guy who builds stone arches and such in the middle of nowhere, creates paintings out of different-colored leaves, etc. I had to do some googling to see if it wasn’t the same guy, but I think they are in fact two different people. Wish I knew the name of the other guy, though 😦

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