Bill Watterson, the genius who created Calvin and Hobbes, threads an environmental message through the greatest comic strip ever created. The artist is extremely reclusive, won’t be interviewed or sign autographs. There isn’t an official biography about him, and I can respect his decision to hide from the public eye. From what I gather, reading his strip, he is a hilarious guy who understands the subtle of nature of the beauty of the universe.

While often the strip would contain philosophy, or just silly antics between a boy and a tiger, it commonly would make the reader think about the planet from the perspective of 1) the future of humanity, the youngest generation, and also 2) from the perspective of an animal. While the strip is funny, these environmental messages sometimes brought the mood down, but with valid reason and good intention. I grew up reading Calvin and Hobbes and strongly recommend you go buy a collection of some of the strips, it is like tasty soup for your soul. Anyway, I have included some strips that are powerful in their environmental message, I hope you are as big a fan as I am!

If you haven’t looked into Calvin and Hobbes but are interested, I recommend the collection of strips called ‘Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons’.

Eric De Barros


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  1. Ann Putney says:

    Calvin and Hobbes was a favorite for me as a child. I’ve never looked at it as they have environmental messages but you picked a good cluster to prove your point. I will keep that in mind next time I pick up a calvin and hobbes comic book!

  2. tetchist says:

    Watterson was one of those few comic artists who was not content to merely entertain, but to teach as well.

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