Climate change videos are all over the web, but one page in particular is a wealth of resources.
This BBC news website has a bunch of interesting videos of climate change, and its a great resource to start learning or further your knowledge about the topic.
This next video, about walrus’ getting shafted by the loss of habitat, due to climate change, is extremely tragic and a reminded of why we need to consider there are more lives on the line than those of our fellow humans when it comes to climate change. It is really depressing but also amazing to see how many animals there are here. I am always amazed by how people write off animals as something similar to a moving plant. Anyone who has ever had  a dog or cat, or spent more than a few minutes around animals must see that they are conscious creatures experiencing emotions just like us (only completely different in a way that makes it impossible to compare).
That being said, this video shows us how even humans today are being effected on a dramatic scale by climate change. It is interesting to see this because usually we just see polar bears in the arctic or something that people can’t relate to, but here are humans being effected by climate change right now!
While these videos all present a tragic view of the current state of the earth, they are a reminder that we have the power to effect our environment and should not let it happen without giving it our concern. The climate should be a priority of every living creature who is conscious enough to effect it.
Eric De Barros 🙂

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