These are two pieces that CJ and I created. One is a head band made of hemp that has been crocheted. We added a decorated beads that are recycled like, recycled glass, and small pieces of copper. The other piece is a necklace also made from crocheted hemp and three dangling charms. Each charm I found and recycled for this piece. First there is a piece of broken bottle that I found on the beach and the sand has smoothed out the rough edges. The second charm is a recycled shell casing that I found and the third is a piece of broken coral that I found on the beach as well.

Hemp is one of the faster grown biomasses known today. It is made from strains of  the plant Cannabis sativa and or oil/seed varieties. In history hemp has had many industrial uses in society including paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, construction, health food and fuel. As a crop, hemp is very environmentally friendly as it requires few pesticides. The leading production of hemp is in China and smaller productions around Europe, Chile, and North Korea. Hemp has multiple purposes like a material for our jewelry.

By CJ Hipp & Mackenzie Vartanian


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