I want to talk about meat, and how limited our options are. For those people who eat meat, there is not much in the way of variety, far less than fruits and vegetables (but who eats those anyway? Just throw some meat on white bread and you’ll be healthy!).  But in all seriousness, eating such a selective number of animals, especially the ones we have exploited, has many negative repercussions. The meat industry is extremely bad for the environment, creating more gas emissions than cars, airplanes, trains and boats. Combined. And these animals are currently treated like products instead of living, conscious creatures. But there is a solution, if you want to keep eating meat but help participate in a sustainable system. Insects.

I know its going to sound gross at first, you are thinking of a hairy little cock roach like creature sitting atop your big mac. Well that’s just one type of creature; there are 6 million species of insect. There are only a few hundred types of mammals. And our current means of ‘growing’ animals in warehouses is clearly not sustainable or humane. So the proposed solution is to eat insects, which are extremely sustainability efficient. In fact, it is very likely we will eat insects if we travel to space, because insects can fertilize soil, reproduce quickly, take up very little space but contain a very high level of nutrients and protein. It might sound weird but it actually makes sense.

If you are interested, I highly recommend this TED talk on the topic, it is humorous and well delivered, and also very informative:


Eric De Barros


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  1. maggie lee says:

    This is so interesting! I remember saying that did not eat meat one day in class, and you explained the fact about animals contributing more gas than all fuel powered vehicles combined. I know you don’t eat meat, but do you eat insects? lol

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