Invasive Species



Greatest threat to Biodiversity invasive species, they can be plants animals that do harm to a particular area. They are found in almost very region of the world, they do significant damage to the environment and very hard to irradiate and they reproduce very quickly.


They arrive by air, people travel and people bring exotic species, or unintentionally carried on. 


Some travel by sea; Ballast water, cargo ships must take on ballast water when carrying light loads and dump the water when the load gets heavier. Cruise ships, 230 cruises operate worldwide and more are being built everyday.


Invasive plants; they can become a mono culture, they can destroy native plants and habitat for native species, they can use a disproportionate amount of water and nutrients.


Brazilian Pepper, thought to have taken over 700000 of acres of Everglades


Brown Tree Snake; introduced to Guam and loss of native bird population


Green Iguanas; eat native plants and transport seeds and plants like the brazilian pepper. They were introduced to the ecosystem due to pet owner release.


Lion Fish: Native to the Pacific Ocean, exploded in the Caribbean and the Atlantic. Savage hunters, can destroy reefs in 5 weeks. Eat the whole reef population.

It is our job to prevent harm and protect the world’s biodiversity. We need to be more cautious when traveling and when we take any action that could potentially become a threat to out ecosystem. Think twice!


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