The Science of Dogs Poster, Designed by: Jessica Langstine

When designing this poster I combined the head of a chow, the ears of a German shepherd, the tail of an Akita, the body of a dalmatian, and the legs of a terrier. The intent is an indication of K9 breeding being taken to far, all for the sake of having the perfect companion, or the perfect show dog. It would not have been enough to simply show the mutated dog as a whole so I took it further by breaking the image apart, and rearranging the pieces. Even still that wasn’t enough so I added color to each piece. Much like breeders I was not satisfied, and the poster was never going to be quite right so I took it a step further at a time. The idea behind the poster is how far is to far? The video discusses the long time tradition of the science of dogs, and how dogs derived from wolves, and because of breeding we have all of the breeds we have today. These breeding habits have not been without side affects. Breeding has resulted in hip dysplasia, and obsessive compulsive disorder just to name a couple. I had a lot of fun with this poster, and hope everyone enjoys viewing it. 

~Jessica Langstine


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  1. tetchist says:

    This is silly, dogs can’t do science. How would they hold the beakers?

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