This weekend I was lucky enough to experience the greatest thanksgiving of all time. It was a little late, but my friends and I spent thanksgiving in different places, so it was only right to have a second holiday celebration. After all thanksgiving is the best holiday anyway! But what made this particular event so great was not only that I got to share it with some of my favorite humans, but because we got all the produce at Jessica’s Organic Farm. (

My good friend Math Decker, who is in the nighttime class, has been going to the farm for a year now, and he kindly drove me to this Mecca of life. Picking up our food from this farm, surrounded by these amazingly positive feeling humans, was reminiscent of Bilbo Baggins birthday party from the Lord of the Rings. I felt like I was in an orchard of pure healthy, organic tastiness.

We ended up making two pizzas and an epic salad, all of which were experimental in nature but extremely successful due to the constant: quality ingredients. Without being informed of the source of the produce, people commented on how they felt amazingly clean and energized just after we ate. We all noticed how eating this locally grown, fresh organic food made us feels naturally high. I have never had an experience that was so fulfilling, in the literal sense of my belly being filled with the essence of pure life.

The documentaries we have watched and the conversations we have had about the positives of local food for the environment have solidified my interest in being a part of a local farm. I hope to be a strong voice in the support of a vegetable garden on campus, as it would clearly be a step toward happiness for all who come in contact with it. I am anxious to get back to Jessica’s, because I feel like the tomatoes from Publix taste like Styrofoam now.

Eric De Barros

(Extra credit or just sharing of love. Not really for a specific assignment.)


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  1. tetchist says:

    Is this the farm that’s “extremely reasonably priced” that Decker talked about? I love the way he described that 🙂

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