This is my project for the art assignment. Yeah…posters about sloths. Sound weird? Not really when you realize whats going on with these little guys. Sloths are slowly but surely going extinct due to human interaction with their habitat. Native to South & Central American jungles, sloths are loosing their homes due to humans cutting down trees and there has also been a growth of paved roads being put into these jungles. Due to this, every once in a while, you’ll see a sloth slowly creeping across the road. Unfortunately, many people run over these sloths whether its by accident or otherwise.

I made these posters more to bring awareness to issues we may not be thinking about because they are so far away. Every animal deserves to be on the planet and have a home and that includes the sloth.

By Bianca Pol


2 responses »

  1. Cute! I think these are perfect in their message and execution. I love sloths and I think it’s very important to keep them around and safe. They’re a unique species that a lot of people like, and it’s horrible that we’re destroying their habitats and we don’t seem to care too much. Save the sloths!
    -Ailish Reilly

  2. tetchist says:

    People hits sloths with cars? Is that a thing?

    I like the sloth’s little feet.

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