So I recently just watched “King of Corn”, the documentary about two friends, Ian and Curt, who move to America’s Corn Belt to plant an acre of corn, the nation’s most grown and most subsidized grain, and follow their crop into the U.S. food supply.  Now I had a few problems with this documentary.  It had nothing to do with their message or what they were trying to get across but mostly technical things.  For example:    It starts really slow and I think that as a whole it was badly put together.  All of the jumpy camera work and how fast they moved the camera in the grocery store in the beginning made me feel really ill.  At first I really wasn’t sure what the hell was going on and why they were doing this, what made them decide to go on this journey and make a movie about it?  Also the film didn’t really feel finished.  What did they decide to do with that acre that they bought?  Are they just going to leave it empty so that no one can produce corn in that area?

I did find their journey very interesting though.  I had watched Food Inc. in my high school anatomy class so some of the things that they discussed, mostly about the cows/meat, I already knew.  But the things about the corn its self that is produced on the farms and the production of corn syrup I had no idea and to be honest its all pretty disturbing.  It makes me nervous about how genetically modified our corn and other food has become.  It is insane how much corn is grown every year and there is really no need for so much corn to be grown in the first place. Even though so much corn is grown every year an Iowan farmer can’t even feed their family on the food, corn, that is grown because it has to be processed before it can be eaten or else it tastes like chalk!  It’s upsetting that we have changed the way that we produce our food so much that you can’t eat what you grow unless it has been chemically processed first.  We have changed for the worst.

It’s all about making money, making it fast and cheap.  Farmers are now being awarded with subsidizes to continue to over produce cheap corn so that the government can ship it off to slaughter houses and corn syrup makers to be made in to unhealthy food for the American people. “I don’t care where it’s (corn) going, I’m selling it!”  Our generation is at risk of having a shorter life span than our parents because of what we eat.

“We’re not growing quality food, we’re growing crap!” and I don’t see that changing any time soon which is heartbreaking.

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Rosaleen Magnone


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  1. Charlotte Mao says:

    I forgot what this film was called when Karla mentioned it in class so I’m glad you wrote about it on the blog. I definitely want to watch it now even though I’m sure it will depress me.

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