After watching the documentary ‘Vanishing of the Bees’ and realizing a global scale of the problem, I decided to research on the topic. I attempted to check what has been done since the first alarm on the vanishing bees over five years ago and what is the situation at the moment. The movie was released in 2009, but the issue has been under the discussion among the beekeepers since 2006/2007. Today, in the end of the year 2011, the questions have still not been resolved. Although the awareness has been raised and more people find out about the severe consequences of the problems everyday, there are no direct actions to stop and prevent the phenomena of the vanishing bees, also knows as Colony collapse disorder (CCD). I looked up different sources to find out more and here are the results of my research.

First of all, the issue is still unresolved.There are grants and funding to universities, scientists for CCD research. Today they estimate nearly one-third of all honey bee colonies in the United States have disappeared. Yet, there is no clear answer of what causes CCD.  Some scientists focus on what is called ‘three Ps’: poor nutrition, pesticides, and pathogens. It is believed that behind the mystery of the vanishing bees is a mix of all these factors. Moreover, it is a matrix of connections, going beyond the problem of the vanishing bees and touching upon such issues, like climate change, rising of the water, etc. The Earth as a system is sick, and all of its parts need to be recover so that it can function in its balanced form. Apart from the on-going research, there is also a strong focus on the campaign to increase awareness among the common people, especially the citizens of the United States. Young Hollywood actress, Ellen Page, who narrated ‘Vanishing of the Bees’ in 2009, has been one of the ambassadors of the action.

On Bill Maher show, recorded earlier this year, she speaks up and tries to bring the importance of the problem to the people. The interview is a great source of primary knowledge on the cause and effect of the vanishing of the bees. She states how irreplaceable the bees are for human living and that it is the people who destroy their own food system. For the last 50 years, the farming become heavily industrialized and weak in biodiversity. It created the unbalance to the world of food, but also industry, economy. The issue, although concerning small bees, has a tremendous effect and will increase its impact in the near future.

More information about the campaigns and awareness bringing can be found on the website:

Vanishing of the Bees

– Kasia (Katarzyna) Dybek



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  1. Eric De Barros says:

    Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed watching the interview, its interesting how little this issue is talked about. It seems like industrialized farming and pesticides are backed by corporations who make money, which is why it is challenging to spread the word about the truth. This film was really cool, I am glad we watched it.

  2. I was amazed, and extremely appalled, when we saw this documentary in class. It is disturbing to realize how little the food administration cares about the impacts of pesticides have on both the environment and our eventual health as a species. Eventually, these systemic pesticides will corrupt our genetic information and really inhibit people’s health.

    Ryan Schnee

  3. Charlotte Mao says:

    Vanishing of the Bees was my favorite film we watched this year. I’m glad you went and did more research on the topic. I remember hearing about this issue at the time but only now fully understand how dire the crisis is/was. The film was pretty terrifiying. Also, I had no idea it was Ellen Page narrating!

  4. Matt Decker says:

    This issue is a perfect example of how we have begun to seriously screw with natures cycle. When something is off balance, nature does whatever it needs to, to destroy whatever is causing the imbalance and that is exactly what is happening in this situation. We have perfected assembly line type of manufacturing so much that we think it can apply to everything, but it simple cannot be sustained, its not how nature works.

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