I watched the documentary, “Tapped”. These are my thoughts and notes I took down as I watched it.

Within the first minute of watching Tapped, I heard this quote. “The cost of bottled water is more than the cost of gasoline?” That’s crazy!

Nestle pumps water for free, and then sells it for an insane profit. Genius!

“Every day, the biggest bottled water profiters, Nestle, Pepsi, and Coke, pump millions of  gallons of water out of the nvironment, bottle it, ship it, and sell it back for 1,900 times the cost of tap water.”

People leave bottles of water laying around everywhere, just throw them down when they’re done with them. People are polluting our planet and we are wasting our money as consumers by buying bottled water.

The bottled water profiters try to make it seem like tap water is bad, and that it is dirty, and impure. There is absolutely nothing wrong with drinking tap water, and according to the documentary, 40% of all bottled water is just tap water anyway.

Bottled water started in the 70s with Perier. Perier is simply carbonated water, and it originally was packaged in green glass bottles.

They tested the contents of bottles of water and found things from arsenic to bacterial contaminants. Ew! Not to mention, people don’t know where the bottles actually come from or how they are made. The plastic is made from crude oil.

They collected water samples from the ocean, and found that they are full of plastic fragments. 1999, they did a survey and found that the water samples yielded 6 times as much plastic as plankton in the sample. In 2008, they took the same survery, and found that the water contained 46 times as much plastic as plankton.

The lantern fish are actually consuming small plastic pieces, and the fish are dying.

I also found it funny how Aquafina has a mountain range on the label, when in reality, the water is filtered tap water, not spring water. LOL

Some screenshots I took during the documentary that I thought were interesting and helped to prove their point:

Maggie (extra credit)


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  1. Eric De Barros says:

    This is overwhelmingly depressing. I cant understand why people continue to buy bottled water so often, it seems like yet another corporate brainwashing of the masses. There seems to be no positive to bottled water. But I suppose there is a humorous relief to it, as foolish people are throwing their money away buy water from companies like Aquafina.

  2. Wow, this is disturbing news! I am definitely on board with just buying a water purifier and purifying the tap water in my kitchen. At least I’ll know I’m doing something to help.

    Ryan Schnee

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