Wyland  Marine Environmental Artist

Robert Wyland is a marine wildlife artist that uses his art to promote awareness to protect and preserve the ocean.  Wyland is a educator, painter, sculptor and a photographer that creates beautiful art with a message to the public. “It is estimated that his murals are viewed by more than a billion people every year.” He created the Wyland Foundation in 1991, which is for informing people of the importance of protecting our oceans and to create environmental awareness in communities. Through his art he wants to convey the message of protecting the ocean by using color, shape, movement, scale, emotion and light.”

Here is one of his paintings showing whales swimming in the ocean with earth beneath them. He is trying to show a message about protecting the whales, marine life and the beauty of our ocean. Through the colors he chose I feel he captured the colors of the ocean. His paintings are beautiful and inspiring since I love the water and my favorite paintings are marine seascape paintings.  Some of the marine animals he paints are dolphins, whales, sea turtles, fish, and more.

Wyland teaches children about our ocean and how we can protect it. He is also known for painting really large murals or painting art of whales that are the actual size. For earth day in 2009 he painted a mural that measured 2.9 acres on a roof as a tribute to earth day. For Robert Wylands 25th birthday he made a goal of painting 100 life sized marine life murals advocating for marine life conservation. It’s really inspiring to see that he did that to get more people aware of the problem. Also I admire how he uses his artistic skills to grab people’s attention to this matter.

Wyland also creates sculptures of marine animals made from materials such as glass, bronze, and kalonite. He also uses earth friendly materials when creating his art sculptures. I find it really interesting to see that this artist following his dream of making people aware and how he created a foundation to help inform everyone. He does public mural projects with children where they all paint to create a mural to make other people aware of protecting our oceans. He also donates art and has many Wyland galleries showing his art.

I didn’t know who he was before researching for an environmental artist but there is a Wyland gallery here in Sarasota. I had seen the whale paintings, and marine life paintings in there but never knew that he was an environmental artist. It’s really neat that I’ve seen his work in person at the Sarasota Wyland gallery when I stumbled upon him when I was searching online not knowing this. His paintings are amazing and really inspire me to keep painting traditionally since I’m always painting digitally due to my major at Ringling.

( I had technical difficulties adding photos into my blog post)

By: April Manuel




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