Reuben Margolin is a Bay Area sculpter who produces singular techno-kinetic sculptures. He creates sculptures to act as things move in nature such as waves. He does not create them to recreate nature but to better understand it. He crafts  the sculptures from everything; ranging form cardboard and wood to salvaged materials and they use a wide variety of power sources, hand-cranked to motorized as well as greatly varying in size. 
The inspiration for this Square Wave sculpture is a wheat field in the wind. His representations are highly abstracted yet they are well crafted and illustrate the motion very well. These sculptures are not easy feat, Margolin puts a large amount of effort into his craft, most sculptures include a complex set of pulleys, ropes, and hinges, as you can see in this sculpture dubbed the Double Raindrop.

The link  below is the motion generated by the Double Raindrop:

And here is a mini documentary of his work, Margolin explains his goals and purpose for creating the machines:

Jacob Berrier


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  1. Jillian :D says:

    Pretty cool. I like the wave made out of cardboard, wood, and salvage reused materials. The hand-cranked art pieces flows so gently as if it were a normal motion. This guy reminds me of Hans Haacke, the ecological artist I wrote about. Very cool. I loved the videos.

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