For my final project, I was really interested in the contrast of how killer whales are in nature, versus being the stereotypical “Shamu” type you find at Sea World. They are intelligent, strong, fast, and deadly predators. In South America along the coast of Patagonia (which is the entire southern region of South America) killer whales hunt southern sea lions. What is curious is when the whales make a catch, they take them into deep water and “play” with them by tossing them around, body slamming, and tail slapping the sea lion. This happens every year and it’s really interesting that this goes on. If the whales couldn’t hunt the sea lions on the coast for what ever reason, it might endanger the wild killer whale population. It’s just really cool that it does happen though (not for the sea lions) and it shows that the habitat is healthy.

Martin Valentino


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