Jenny Kendler’s work considers humans beings’ relationship with the natural world, focusing on the complexity of issues like extinction, habitat loss, mutualism and climate change.

She is particularly interested in how concepts of gender, attitudes towards human sexuality, and thoughts on our often-denied animal nature influence our relationship with the Earth.

In her practice, Kendler re-invents ‘the Naturalist’ through the lens of feminism and environmental activism. She presents her intimate drawings and sculptures as a counterpoint to the view of nature as something to be possessed. She suggests instead, that it is we who are possessed by nature.

While cross-pollinating genres and mediums, Kendler’s works draw us viscerally and emotionally nearer to nature, rekindling feelings of interconnectedness and wonderment. She employs the language of myth, magic and fantasy, and uses delicacy, fragility, ornamentation and intricacy, to echo the subtle and mysterious relationships of the natural world.

Presenting moments of crisis or wonder, Kendler hands us this tenuous thread to the natural world — shadowing forth possibilities of ecological attunement and reconciliation.

Kendler donates a portion of all sales to support biodiversity and environmental justice.

Here are a few collaboration Pieces Kendler did with another artist, Molly Schafer. They’re condom package designs featuring endangered species meant to raise awareness of human over-population.

-Tim Lowell


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