I have noticed that throughout this semester there has been a lot of debate in our class and most of it always comes back to our school, Ringling College of Art and Design.  Whether it be about the selling and use of plastic water bottles on campus or about having our own garden, people seem to constantly blame the college for not caring about our environment.  You would think that bringing up that a lot of our buildings are LEED Platinum certified would shut these people up or at least made them reconsider who they are blaming but no they, of course, have a rebuttal.  “They aren’t really LEED Platinum certified!  They just do the minimum in order to get certified but then once that it over they don’t do anything else or keep up with it.”

I have also noticed through listening to these conversations in class that a lot of the people who are doing the most talking don’t ever say that they actually talked to someone in charge to get these answers.  The recycling for example.  Everyone is complaining that the school has these sectioned off receptacles for plastic, paper and waste but there is really just one giant trash bag in it.  Now this I think, I didn’t actually talk to any one about it that works there so I don’t know for sure, is true for the most part.  But I don’t think that it is entirely the colleges fault.  Yes someone made the decision to just put on big trash bag in there but the food services is completely different from the school.  They run their area the way that they want to.  Plus I know from observation that most of the students don’t even care where they through their trash.  I do know for a fact that the waste receptacles everywhere other than the cafe all have separate trash bags in them.

Also this whole thing about having a school garden isn’t going to happen if people don’t talk to the college about it.  The staff in charge of that kind of thing can’t read your minds, you need to actually put the pedal to the metal and take some initiative.  Same with the food services.  If you have a problem with it then do something about it.  Don’t just sit in class an d complain about how no one is doing anything and that the college doesn’t really care about the environment.  Because guess what people you’re not doing anything either.  Get out there and show that you care, don’t just tell the class that you do.

It’s hard for the college to show that they care about the environment when their students aren’t showing that they care too.  By either talking to someone in charge to get the ball rolling or by raising awareness in some way to get people’s attention.  I’m sorry to say but sitting in class just complaining about everything isn’t helping anyone, it’s just annoying everyone in that class.

Extra Credit

Rosaleen Magnone


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  1. Maggie Lee says:

    I completely agree. If you want change, make it happen. I’ve also been annoyed with the class debates that seem to drone on forever without accomplishing anything.

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