By: Laura Wood

For my art project, I decided to make a poster for the short stop motion I did about waste. Waste is a very large topic with many issues and ways of going about it. I wanted to convey 5 simple ways we can do a little to help take the load off the Earth (metaphorically and literally!) My design rationale was to create a simple, clean white poster with the earth “trapped” in a giant, glass bottle. The typography is somewhat ragged, but very tall and takes over most of the composition. I wanted it to look clean and easy to read from far away. I included the credits on the bottom (mostly just says my name) and a QR code on the bottom right corner. A QR code can be scanned by a smart phone and will take you directly to the video on youtube. It is very useful in spreading awareness in this issue because as artists, and as people on this earth, we have a responsibility to clean up after ourselves.

Some key stills from the video.

I have already posted the video on a previous post but in case you missed it… (the embedded youtube video isn’t working, so this link will send you to my website so you can view it there.)


4 responses »

  1. Jillian :D says:

    I loved the video!! That’s is really good. I honestly never knew that our landfill was that ginormous. 😦

  2. Charlotte Mao says:

    Beautiful work! That was a great stop motion film and the poster looks really awesome. I love you how the poster is a different style but still totally fits in with your film.

  3. Chris S. says:

    Uber cool, two thumbs up.

  4. Great video Laura…..(and nice poster too.)
    I would love to share this with future classes….

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