I really enjoyed learning about the biodiversity hotspots and the animals that were endangered and becoming endangered int hose spots. i have been to the Caribbean before and i absolutely loved it. It’s very sad to me to see these wonderful animals getting  uprooted and dying because of forest clearing for sugar cane plantations. Sugar cane, which has led to widespread deforestation throughout the region, is still the Caribbean’s most important crop. Another major impact of the arrival of human settlers has been the introduction of alien species, which is the biggest threat to biodiversity in this hotspot. Even before the arrival of Europeans, people in the Caribbean were transporting species that they used for food from one island to another. Agriculture remains a serious threat in parts of the hotspot, with cacao, coffee, and tobacco plantations threatening remaining large tracts of pristine forest. Mining for bauxite, sand, and gravel, as well as the production of charcoal from natural vegetation to meet energy needs also pose threats to the hotspot’s native flora and fauna. Tourism development has put pressure on natural ecosystems on some islands, particularly in the alteration of local landscapes with non-native vegetation, golf courses, roads, and tourist infrastructure and facilities.

i have made these shoe designs because they are moving walking advertisements of the devastation happening in the island.

Patrick Bradford


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