By Ben Anderson

I chose Johnny Kelly for my artist blog.  Johnny Kelly is the Director behind Cultivate a Better World ad.  I was really impressed and moved by the quality and feeling behind Chipotle’s Cultivate a Better World.  It was simple and appealing and had a ton of heart.  The simple style and the music by Willie Nelson is really what made this piece stand out in my mind.  Willie Nelson is in his own right a timeless artist and he really stands for simplicity and the way things used to be.  His performance made the piece so much stronger that it would have been if anyone else had done it.  (or maybe I’m just biased because I’m a HUGE Willie Nelson fan) =]

Anyway back to John Kelly.  He was the director on the project and helped to create the look and feel of the piece, from the designs to the mood.  I’ve attached an awesome link that shows the final film as well as behind the scenes which is really cool as well as a video of stills and concept designs:

Also Here is a link with John’s Bio and other works He’s done:


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