Bonaire is an island off the coast of Aruba and Curacao, which for those who don’t know is off the coast of Venezuela.  It is truly a ecological wonderland for scuba diver’s around the world.  What is so cool about this island’s scuba diving possibilities compared to any other place with coral reefs around the world you may ask?  Well Bonaire is different from any diving reserve in the world for the simple fact that Bonaire is actually a coral reef that raised out of the ocean to form an island.  This allows a diver to swim out from literally any point on the island and go diving right off the shore in some of the best and most luscious reefs existing in the world.  Bonaire is also one of the most populated and protected turtle sanctuaries in the world.  Bonaire’s diving capabilities were discovered by a sailor who would do business through the waterways and one day discovered just how beautiful the reefs there were.  He managed to get the island a protected reef status and the island grew in dive popularity very quickly.  It is now their main form of income.  Diver’s come from all over the world to swim in the reefs.  The reefs are teeming with wildlife.  One of the reefs, Alice in Wonderland, has the record for the largest amount of different species of fish ever recored in one reef.  I have been to Bonaire twice now and they were both two of the greatest experiences of my life.  The island inhabitants and tourists all share such a similar culture.  They all have one common interest.  That interest is diving.  There is really not much else to do on the island.  It’s tiny, a person could drive across it in less than a hour and there is really nothing there.  I believe it has like two grocery stores and one small town with a few shops.  Everyone who goes there eats, sleeps, and breathes scuba diving.  It’s a lot like art school in that sense.  Everyone shares a common interest and it is super easy to make friends and talk to people because you are all there for one reason and that is diving and supporting the reef.  The way the reefs are set up are quite interesting as well.  When you grab your tank and walk out into the water it is a very gradual slope down.  Then you hit the reef and the ground just drops out below you into a shear slope of beauty and wonderment.  When you hit the reef it’s a feeling that you can’t even describe.  It feels like you are flying.  I believe Bonaire is one of the coolest and most interesting places in the world.  It is so free and such a great time.  I highly recommend any one who has any interest in diving to go.


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  1. Ryan Schnee says:

    That sounds great! I have several family members who scuba dive so I’ll let them know. Thank You.

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