“There’s nothing more dangerous than someone who wants to make the world a better place.”

The street artist known as “Banksy” (the real name of the artist is currently unknown to the public) is an artist based around Bristol, England. Banksy is a street artist, using graffiti to comment on social or environmental issues in an eye-catching way. His images appear all over the city, juxtaposed with the city’s architecture and structure in interesting ways or to promote an idea. While he has remained stenciling his art around the city, he has also expanded his operation all across the world, and has created prints and books featuring his art. He has also had a number of well-received gallery openings featuring his works. While the nature of his art is still highly controversial, his messages are hard to ignore. He makes his thoughts on pollution and urban footprint well-known in a number of his images and remains an iconic contemporary artist. His environmental images many focus on pollution and feature children: a girl with an umbrella in the midst of toxic rain, a child adrift in an ocean of no water. We also have a strong sense of his views on urbanization when we look at this image of a child standing in a demolished lot that could have one held a park full of trees. With these images, it’s possible that Banksy is trying to caution us in leaving behind a better world for future generations.

While I’m not generally a fan of street art, I can’t help but appreciate the craft, ingenuity and genuine perspective represented in Banksy’s art. He brings a new way of thinking about art spread across a 2D plane and somehow makes it more real than we’re used to perceiving it.






-Rachel Schwarting


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  1. I recently had to research information about Banksy. A great film is Exit Threw The Gift Shop available on Netflix. I had a debatable question is Banksy considered on person or a group? I have heard both from reliable sources. Either way, Banksy produces great work.
    -chris s

  2. Eric De Barros says:

    This is interesting, I am also intrigued if it is a person or group. I am not very into street art, as far as what I look at, but I love the idea of art created out in society instead of in a studio. I wonder how environmentally sustainable his or her lifestyle is, as it seems their art is meant to raise questions about our future.

  3. Jillian :D says:

    Bansky is awesome! I love street art. It’s the voice of the people, expressing emotions. The three dimensional look to Bansky’s art always amazes me considering it is on a flat plane. I just recently found out about Bansky last year and now I know more about him/her/them.

  4. A natural enviormenalty safe…er past or glue for pasting up printed out art is wheat past. You simply need flour, sugar and water. mix and past image on a wall:)
    dont get caught lolz

    chris s

  5. Charlotte Mao says:

    I love that Banksy has opened up and brought awareness back to art that has a meaning and a message. The street art aspect of his work makes it accessible to everyone but he’s still able to retain his poignant messages. Glad you wrote about this artist!

  6. Matt Decker says:

    Banksy really has some awesome works, I really admire his ability to adapt his images and message to the surrounding environment. He brings some really hard hitting issues to a medium that involves the average pedestrian.

  7. April Marcuzzo says:

    Graffiti is such a great way of getting people’s attention. I like how he includes the next generation in his work.

  8. Ann Putney says:

    This is a great post. I wouldn’t have thought to do Banksy for this assignment. I’ve seen some of his work in real life and it’s like seeing a celebrity, only cooler

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