Brazilian couple build a home for their family out of trash and recycled goods. They use the found objects and reuse them as structure and as art for the home itself.

This man Luiz Toledo and his wife Edna Toledo, have been building a home for their family for years, literally from liter, and from the ground up. They show us that it is possible to find beauty in things people dont want, or find of no value or use anymore. They show us how it is wonderful to reuse our waste, and how? Through making a usable piece of art that has not only a function as a home, but is engineered to be a sustainable renewable form of everyday living, using the energy that was built into the home, or designed to function with out regular forms of electric, water, central heating and air or even sewage. This brilliant, hopeful and helpful man plans on making more of these homes, in the same artisan fashion that can help reduce and reuse waste, consumption and resource spending, and cheaply. He believes in giving everyone a head start into this new way of life he and his family have pioneered in this area of the world.

Toledo and his family were first scrutinized by the people in their town for being odd, and trash pickers, but his dreams to make a home that was independent, beautiful and functional gave him the inspiration to keep going and not only finish one house but two. Toledo has used all of the found pieces of his home to create a beautiful and engaging walk through home, that has a message of salvation and renewal in every corner. He and his wife have always loved old and unwanted things, but they also want to show others through their love that you can also protect the environment and renew your own area by just a few simple steps and a little hard work. The home is riddled with beautiful glass, tiles, paper, and plastic, made into mosaics, murals, and built into the floor. It is truly wonderful to see the love that this family has for the world, and even the things that everyone takes for unusable.


It is really inspirational to see how you can apply the materials we all think are “unneeded” and “unclean”. I fell like the future will embrace this celebration of change the way this man has, with insight and artful diversion that other in the past may have laughed at or even sneered at as a way of liberation or even a wonderful middle ground we never saw before.

This man and his family are really interesting, and though many may not see the artistic value here, I do and i think is there for those who want to see change, and a future of this world that can see the beauty and diversity in all things, even the trash.

Destiny Burch


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