As I watched No Impact Man, at first I thought I was watching yet another kook,  self-sacrificing modern conveniences in the hopes of shaming everyone else into re-thinking the way they live their lives. The view I came away with was, however, much different.

I really enjoyed the sort of, voyeuristic window into this mans life. The way this documentary was shot really helped to show how this was an ordinary family. An ordinary family undertaking a ridiculous project in the hopes of revealing how wasteful our society really is.

Though I can’t say I’ll ever be parting with toilet paper, or laundry detergent I can say without a doubt, watching this film has made me re-think how I live my life and the impact it may have on the environment. When I go shopping I am now much more conscious of what I buy. Do I really need that? Is there a more environment friendly option? Am I willing to utilize that option?

Though it’s crazy to think anyone in their right mind would go to the same lengths this family went to, the statement they have made with how they lived their lives for almost one year is enough to give anyone pause, and hopefully make them reassess the impact they make on the environment on a daily basis, just as it did for me.

-Tim Lowell


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  1. Rachel Schwarting says:

    I thought the same thing about the laundry area…but I definitely want to lower my consumption of resources.

  2. April Manuel says:

    I feel like if they could do it for one year then I shouldn’t make excuses about changing my ways to help our planet. Now I’m more conscious of what I do also. I am making sure to turn lights off if there is a light on that I don’t need. Also, I am washing with only cold water.

  3. If we all walked away with that knowledge and feeling to change even just one or two things about our lives and work hard at really thinking how we can help, then in a way his project really did work out for the best. They were a regular family with regular people trying something new, but they did there best and it shows everyone its possible.

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