Mary Jane Jessen was born in New Brunswick and then moved to Victoria, British Columbia in 1969. Her passion for painting and drawing led her to attend several art schools, including Victoria College of Art, North Island College Campbell River, and the Vancouver Island University. She graduated from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design with a BFA in 2002. With her work, Mary has attacked the problem of climate change.

Mary’s work has a sense of spontaneity and freshness. Her color palette is very naturalistic, and you can tell that artistic thought went into each piece. Her work is very fun to look at.

Meltdown (2007) oil paint/collage

This piece deals with the astonishing meltdown rate of mountain glaciers.

The Crying Orca (2009) oil paint/collage

Drop in the salmon population due to pollution has had an effect on the orca numbers.

-Daniel Hanks


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  1. Elaine Wu says:

    I think it’s interesting how drippy she makes her paints on her canvas. It really reinforces the depressing emotion I get from her work!

  2. Jessica Langstine says:

    Her art reminds me a log of asian watercolor paintings. I just love the natural approach to that style of art. It’s beautiful, and serene. I was going to include some paintings I found that are excellent examples of the similarities, but I guess on a reply you cannot include attachments. 😦 I definitely like her style it is something I would hang in my home.

  3. Maggie Lee says:

    I’m really loving her work. The drip effect of the oil on the glacier piece is perfect to show that they’re melting. I also love her color palette. Thanks for posting this!


  4. Eric De Barros says:

    I like the spontaneous nature of her stuff, I definitely go for a similar vibe in my paintings. Her work is fun to look at. I agree with Maggie about the drip effect. A lot of painters just use it randomly but it actually adds to the piece quite a bit!

  5. Ben Anderson says:

    I really like her work it reminds me of a dark Georgia O’keefe with a cinematic approach. Very cool

  6. Its so shapely and thick, the way she organically lays down her work. Its very interesting and i enjoy the world she brings to life. For some reason both paintings remind me of the vibrancy in winter we all overlook.

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