I was in Madrid in the Spring of 2010 and attended the Solar Decathalon Europe.

Its website describes the decathalon as an “international competition among universities which promotes research in the development of efficient houses. The objective of the participating teams is to design and build houses that consume as few natural resources as possible and produce minimum waste products during their life cycle. Particular emphasis is put on reducing energy consumption and on obtaining all the necessary energy from the sun.”

This is the link to there website in English: http://www.sdeurope.org/?lang=en if you wish to read more about the measures each house took to achieve the goals of the competition.

Here are some of the pictures I took:

~CJ Hipp (extra credit)


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  1. Jessica Langstine says:

    That’s pretty cool! I didn’t know they did those kinds of things. It must have been incredibly exciting to attend, and see what other students around the world were able to come up with when given the same task. The Asian styled home with the sloped roof was my favorite visually, however the house with the vegetation panels seemed to be the most unique along with the hot air balloon shaped home. Was there a winner?

  2. Rachel Schwarting says:

    What a great way to showcase so many great ideas! All the houses look really innovative.

  3. Ben Anderson says:

    Wow that is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen I wanna do that!!!

  4. Bianca Pol says:

    This is insanely cool! I particularly enjoy the 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 6th images. So innovative and creative.

  5. Daniel Hanks says:

    It’s a very interesting competition idea, and I like all the variations of the houses. I wish we could see inside some of the homes to see what the living conditions would be like.

  6. April White says:

    What an amazing way to educate the youth in efficient architecture and sustainable cities. I’m a little sad to not see the US as one of the participating countries. I would have love to have toured the houses they look awesome.

  7. This is really cool. I like that people I finding new and efficient ways to get more people involved in going green. I wish more things like this happened here because again it just gets so many more people involved and informed.

    ~Mackenzie Vartanian

  8. Ryan Schnee says:

    Not bad! This looks like a very cool and very informative event. It would be awesome to see more of those competitions around.

  9. April Marcuzzo says:

    That’s so cool. My dad’s really into energy efficient living and minimal waste. He’s done a bit with dome homes here in Florida (we don’t live in one, but he’s helped design them) Here’s a link to a website about dome homes: http://www.monolithic.com/topics/homes some of them can get really fancy

  10. Charlotte Mao says:

    These pictures are really awesome! It’s so inspiring to see these sorts of designs and innovations when sometimes our future seems so bleak. I’m glad to see bright minds working on structures like these.

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