Andy Goldsworthy is a British artist who creates straight from nature. After studying at Bradford Art College and Preston Polytechnic he traveled around the world to places such as Scotland, the North Pole, and Japan to make pieces with the raw nature there. Each of his creations is photographed right after completion. This is to capture the essence of the work.

His art has an explosive use of color and often-spherical theme. Goldsworthy’s material list is a little different from artists at Ringling. His supplies include leaves, flowers, twigs, mud, snow, icicles, and stones. Many of his pieces show the decay of nature in a beautiful way. Goldsworthy wants his art to show movement and change. His art works to reinforce the relationship of humanity and nature.

I love who he uses the natural resources to create such dynamic displays. His art supplies aren’t full of toxins and he won’t have to stare at his wallet to choose between paint and food. Living in Florida, I miss the changing of the seasons and all the colors of the leaves. They’re so vibrant. The natural gradients as leaves decay and fruits ripen are put into very graphic formats. It impresses me what he can do with ice; it’s so graceful.

April Marcuzzo

Morning Earth




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  1. Maggie Lee says:

    Wow, I’m really loving his stuff. The ice sculptures area awesome. I just hope he has lots of photographs of his work, because his art is going to melt or decompose pretty quickly. haha

  2. April Manuel says:

    It’s really interesting to see how he arranges these pieces of artwork and chooses color to make them stand out. I wonder why we don’t see more of this type of art? Since we see a lot of sculpture around Sarasota it would be nice if there was some of this earth art. Also, I would like to try doing some type of this art because it is so different.

  3. Elaine Wu says:

    These are beautiful!! I wonder how he made those ice sculptures! I love how he can create such beautiful work yet not waste any toxic chemicals or spend any money to buy these toxic chemicals.

  4. Ann Putney says:

    These are absolutely beautiful! I’ve often seen the one with the stones that are cracked. Beautiful often forget art is always surrounding us, just need to step outside

  5. Bianca Pol says:

    The second to last ice sculpture is awesome and innovative.

  6. Ahhhh Ann your so right so many people forget to just step outside and enjoy all that mother nature our other mother has to offer us. She supplies so much beauty and opportunity for us but where just a bunch of asshole teenagers going through a rebel phase and screwing with our mother we need to change and I’m glad artist out there can do this kind of stuff cause there so much out there that we are destroying because of our lifestyle and idiocy.

  7. Andy Goldsworthy’s work is beautiful! I once watched a documentary on his work and one of the most interesting things about his process is that after he is finished and the work has been photographed, he allows it his work to disintegrate at the whims of nature. It is just as beautiful to watch time lapse videos of his ice sculptures melting or his floating woven bark spheres break apart with the tide. Really great stuff 🙂 glad someone posted his work here!

  8. Daniel Hanks says:

    I’m interested to hear how someone who does these land art pieces gets money. While I admit that they are cool. I don’t see anyone paying for something that will so quickly fall apart?

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