With the world rapidly changing and growing how can we contribute back to our Planet.
Our planet is limited in space and resources. And we are using up more than the Earth can give to us.

One possible way to return and give back to the earth are Greenhouses. And just the ordinary green houses. But Greenhouses that you live in!
More efficient and stylized Green homes.

Each year world leaders are faced with the problems with limited resources and our effects on the world.
Our world is no longer thriving, its dying. Each year, we are using thousands of resources. Everything from cutting down trees, to polluting waterway, over-farming and harvesting. Is there even a way to return what we have taken?

Good news there is! A proposition of a more green, eco-friendly house has been suggested. And not just a green house where you grow plant, but a place you eat, sleep and take shelter in!

Eco Friendly Houses

With the technology we have developed today, there’s a possibility of applying this concept. Solar panels that are like leaves of a tree–Absorbing the sun’s energy for food for the plants while providing electricity for the homes. Bark from certain trees can act as insulation.
Theoretically this plan is practically living in a giant tree!
Everything that is used to build the house will give back to the environment.
Everything that we would need to function in a house is eco-friendly and in return goes back to the environment in a positive way.

Sounds like an absolutely absurd idea. however, this idea is a very possibly thanks to architectural advancements, and technology. We are becoming more and more aware of our effects on out planet and are trying to make improvement. We have learned of the different chemicals that are used to build certain houses and how they can have a negative effect on our health.

We are learning from our past to create a more healthier future.
We are taking what we know about the environment and applying it to when we build our houses. We are taking what we know of the term “comfortable living” and giving it a huge face lift. Something that’s affordable, stylish, and positive for our environment.

However, there are sacrifices we must make to improve our environment and make these plans work. One big thing is the idea of reduction. Not just in product consumption but in space. The smaller our living spaces are, the greater impact we will have on our environment for the better. Less furniture, less flashy items. After all, you’d be saving money in the end as well. Being able to create a fashionable, and comfortable home with fewer items and resources.

Things that we must sacrifice but for a good cause. To provide a healthier world for future generations. For the next generation to be able to receive Earth’s gifts to us. Our time is now. We only have one planet and its our responsibility to take care of it.

More info about Future Green Living


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  1. Jessica Langstine says:

    I LOVE this blog post!! The one thing I have wanted to do to my home for years now I cannot because I cannot afford it. I would love more than anything to have solar panels. We have a pool, and a hot tub, so that goes without saying our electric bill is astronomical! Solar panels are so great because they are dual affective. I would also like to replace all of the windows in our home with thicker tinted windows with a tight seal. I would also like to replace all of the lights in our home to more energy efficient lighting, but for now we have to settle for just replacing the bulbs. 😦

    Great job! Fun post!

  2. Rachel Schwarting says:

    That sounds like a really cool idea! I like the concept of applying the greenhouse technology to a more everyday lifestyle.

  3. Elaine Wu says:

    Wow what a crazy concept! It almost feels like bringing nature back into our homes.

  4. Great idea to bad it wont work we have way to many people here using way to many resources.

  5. Ben Anderson says:

    Thats really awesome it kind of reminds me of no impact man where it gives you a bunch of different examples on how to be resourceful. It’s extreme but innovative

  6. Bianca Pol says:

    If it becomes a little more possible,I’d love to see this happen.

  7. Daniel Hanks says:

    I’m not sure that it positively “wont work,” but it’s definitely going to be a fight to get people to switch to this living style. A lot of people have fallen into a very comfortable lifestyle. You will always have people who won’t willingly give up less furniture, less living space, and the less flashy items.

  8. Solar is definitely an underused resource! My family lives in Arizona and the state government subsidizes solar panel installation so that more people can afford it. We have so much sun all year round that most people who install solar panels actually make money by selling electricity back to the power companies.

  9. This Is such a cool idea! I want to live in one right now! Maybe Ringling could make a dorm like this instead of all their other crappy buildings! lol But really if you are into this you should check out this blog! . http://tinyhouseblog.com/

  10. Amanda Koh says:

    This is true! The new NFL stadium is apparently entirely powered by solar panels. If people just make the effort to be conscious about this, I believe it can definitely happen.

  11. I have been trying to get my parents to put a few solar panels on our house back in D.C. My mother however is a little harder to convince because she is one of those people that think its ugly and she completely misses the point. She did even care when I told her that it would also increase the value of the house. But I think I’m getting my dad on board so hopefully we can over-rule her.

    ~Mackenzie Vartanian

  12. April says:

    This is very true Asage. For many years we thought demolition everything and just starting fresh as the way to go but when you demo all that debris winds up in landfills. People are realizing that using an old building an just improving it is the way to go not only to save money but to create less waste. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax is a cute movie we watched in materials class emphasis what we have been doing to our planet and how we need to change our consumer driven ways. I recommend watching it.

  13. Eric De Barros says:

    This is really cool. I love the idea of living in a giant tree! It sounds brilliant. But the advancements in technology are certainly powerful tools, if there is the intention of hard working people it can change the way things are. This is really cool to see how we get to experience the transition of humanity from ignorantly destructive to sustainably badass!

  14. Jillian :D says:

    GREAT! I am proud to say the my parents have solar panels on our house and it really, really, really helps. That would be interesting living in the Eco Friendly House for a month or a year to see what it would be like. I would definitely want to do that. 🙂 Really awesome post. Thank you.

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