Zoopharmacognosy: working with the planet, rather than against it.  This article talks about how animals seek out their own medicines in the wild, such as how the macaw eats clay to aid in digestion and how humans should start doing the same-as in finding natural solutions to our problems.


The climate is changing, and these poor farmers in Zimbabwe don’t need any graphs or pie charts to confirm this fact, so why do we?


Selective Conservatives: Failing to live up to their ideals when confronted with the environment. In some regions, only 20% believe the science supporting climate change.


-Tim Lowell


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  1. These were really cool. The world needs to get with it, stop harping and start doing. I am personally really glad Ringling has this class to get us all thinking about it. I really do believe that kids in grade school need to have this class before college, or maybe an agricultural class to understand that natural way of living to show the contrast.

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