David Doubilet was born in 1946. He began snorkeling in New Jersey at the age of 12 and started his photography using a Brownie Hawkeye camera. He is one of the most prolific underwater photographers around today. He says his goal as a photographer is to “redefine photographic boundaries”. He is known mostly for the work he does for National Geographic Magazine. He discovered his desire to show the underwater world to the public while he was a dive instructor in the Bahamas. He really pushes the boundaries of photography with every photo. His control and knowledge of successful lighting situations and how to use them within his compositions really help make him a true God among photographers. He is extremely famous for his work with sharks particularly the great white. Some of the shots he gets of them in action are so beautiful it’s hard to describe. I feel that he is a great help to the preservation of the reefs as well. His pictures are so beautiful it really helps people fall in love with the reefs and the creatures that reside within them. Under the water there is another world. David Doubilet does an amazing job bringing this world to light. He really had a major part in making me fall in love with nature photography.



-Danny Samuels


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  1. Rosaleen Magnone says:

    David Doubilet is one of my favorite underwater photographers and is one of the reasons that I bring my underwater camera every time I go scuba diving. I completely agree with you about him being a huge help with advocating the preservation of coral reefs.

  2. Jessica Langstine says:

    Wow! Those photographs look absolutely unreal. I can’t take a picture of a flower, and make it look good. lol I don’t know his work, but I do love nature photography. ESPECIALLY ones involving the water, and sea life. Cool post. It reminds me of those folders and binders for kids with the bright colors and animals on the covers. Particularly the ones with dolphins.

  3. That’s just some bad ass stuff, great that hes helping with the coral reefs while coming out with such cool photos.

  4. Bianca Pol says:

    The first images is INSANE. It’s so scary while being beautiful all in one. (it might not be scary to other people, but I’m afraid of the dark ocean.)

  5. Daniel Hanks says:

    It’s cool how much light and color he is able to capture while underwater.

  6. That first photograph is awesome! Always love to discover new artists with an environmental cause. thanks for posting these!

  7. April says:

    These are phenomenal. I’m no photographer but I would think it would be more difficult working under water to get the right lighting. What a great way to spend a day at work by scuba diving and photographing the wonder of the sea.

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