So I grew up with mom who had tried like everything. When my mother was growing up her parents had her trying all kinds of different foods from lobster, crabs and other seafood’s to bell sprouts and artichoke and everything in between. So when me and my sister entered the scene we tried a lot of the same kinds of foods and we had a quite diverse menu. We would have lots of different types of casserole’s  and different varieties of meats. But that was when we were still young and although I still remember those foods they’re not as prominent in my taste nowadays. Why, because two more girls entered our family and soon money wasn’t as abundant and we had more mouths to feed. So for the past 10 years of my life I have been having for the most part the same few meals everyday of chicken and some form of packaged vegetable or fruit. My mom’s main goal was to get us fed and full she didn’t have the energy to cook elaborate meals and take care of us. That I think from the way I’ve lived is the reason why food diversity is so scarce here in America. Though we enjoy other types of foods and we may eat them occasionally, the average family isn’t really thinking about trying to explore new foods and experiment with other types of traditions because it becomes more expensive to live that way and as we are learning money is a huge issue in our modern society. Families aren’t really willing to put that kind of money into the types of foods they eat when they can get a pretty damn tasty burger or something along those lines at some restaurant down the street. The huge hold advertisers and the food corporations have on us is another reason why food is so one sided. Why spend a ton of money to make fancy food that only a few people could afford when you can make cheap easy food that you can mass produce and everyone can really afford. In some ways we are to blame for not being very diverse because if we really wanted to eat good food that’s grown by you or farmers and are fresh and all good for the environment then we would do it. But there are other “bigger” problems that we think about instead because to the average citizen we have plenty of food to eat and I need to worry about paying off mortgages and loans and taxes. To me diversity of our foods all comes down to the society we are surrounded by. We are controlled by big business’s and we are entranced with technology like Ipads and Iphones that we see more worthwhile to spend our money on. But in the end who really cares? You live on this earth once and then you die if your happy living your life eating McDonalds every day and spending your money on the latest T.V’s or phones then who am I to say you cant do it. In the end its whatever you want to do nobody can tell you that you cant eat healthy and diverse its all up to you if your willing to make sacrifices in order to do so or not.

Daniel Proctor & Bianca Pol


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  1. Elaine Wu says:

    It’s interesting to see that not only is there a diversity in food, but also diversity in the way people are brought up and how lives can change due to different circumstances. I grew up eating the Chinese food that my mom provided me, although I don’t know if that’s any more diverse because we generally eat the same kind of Chinese food.

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