I was curious to see just how difficult finding locally grown and packaged foods would be in Sarasota so I headed to the only place besides the farmers market that I thought would carry them.  Not surprisingly, Whole Foods makes it super easy to choose local products.  I snuck a few photos of some of the local goods they had in stock today:

I asked a few employees about the local foods and sustainably caught fish available at Whole Foods and they were more than eager to answer my questions about the advantages of buying local.  Despite being a self-proclaimed foodie, I never really bothered to notice all the signage inside of Whole Foods before, but if you stop to read them they tell you about the individual farmers and fishermen, where in Florida they are from, and information about the farm your food came from.  Taking the time to take a second look I realized just how many local choices are available and you don’t have to go to a farmer’s market to eat more sustainably 🙂

-Janice Rosenthal


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  1. April Marcuzzo says:

    I don’t think the whole foods store in my town has all those neat little signs. But they seem really helpful! Where is this place?

  2. Danielle Burke says:

    I’ve never really done much shopping at whole foods but I think that it’s awesome that they have sections like this. It makes me want to check it out down here, and then compare it to the one back home when I’m there over break.

  3. Rachel Schwarting says:

    I think it’s great that such a large store makes it easy to shop locally and organic! I’ll definitely check that out next time I’m shopping there.

  4. Bianca Pol says:

    This is so helpful. I never shop at whole foods but maybe I’ll start since they make it so easy to shop local.

  5. Cool idea and its great where supporting our farmers and all that fun stuff but where still packaging it and fucking it up.

  6. Elaine Wu says:

    That’s great news! I had no idea Whole Foods had the option of choosing local produce!

  7. How is packaging something “fucking it up” ? I would love to grow my own oranges and make my own hummus all the time but that’s just not feasible in my current living situation. It has to get from the farm to my table in some manner. Yes plastics are not ideal, but at least buying local is a step in the right direction.

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