Climate Change is a new phenomena that will impact people in the future.

South Asia is going to face vast problems with climate change and that this is related to poverty and the very varied climate and geography in the region.


The climate change in Darfur is causing a violent conflict over the scarcity of resources.


Poor rains in the Sahel this year mean harvests for staple food crops will likely be one-third lower than normal levels in Niger, northern Nigeria, central Chad and northeastern Mali and Burkina Faso.


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  1. Climate change affects us all. Some places more than others. I just read about how the ongoing drought had killed 200 elephants in Zimbabwe. The climate change is every where and until there is a world wide campaign amongst governments I fear that we will see much of the same events.

    ~Mackenzie Vartanian

  2. Daniel Hanks says:

    Darfur seems to be in pretty bad shape. I just watched a documentary about it that was pretty graphic. They were chaining up little girls, I think just because they went to school, and they didn’t want them to.
    A shortage of water certainly isn’t helping.

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