Aurora Robson is a multi-media artist who uses materials such as plastic debris, excess packaging and junk mail. She was born in Toronto Canada in 1972. She grew up in Maui Hawaii where she developed a fascination and appreciation of nature and has spent the past 21 years living in New York City. There she currently teaches at The Education Alliance Art School. She has taught welding, sculpture and photography. She got her B.A. in visual arts and art history at Columbia University. She is the director of Project Vortex, an international collective of artists, designers and architects who also work with plastic waste. This organization helps to reduce the amount of plastic that goes to the landfills and litters the oceans. Her work has been exhibited in numerous shows across the United States and has been featured in several magazines.

She is an advocate for plastic pollution awareness. She uses everyday day such as plastic bottles and junk mail to create beautiful and intricate sculptures and collages. Tens of thousands of plastic bottles has been used in her sculptures over the years, which has saved them from ending up in a landfill. With her deep concern of the environment she sees herself as an eco-activist and uses her art to address issues in a poetic way.

She stays aware of being eco friendly during the process of her work. Most of her hanging sculptures in her installations are lit from the inside with solar-powered LED lights. She uses water-based paint that is non-toxic to airbrush on her sculptures.

At first glance you would not think that her sculptures are made from plastic bottles, which is one thing I love about her work. She has been able to completely transform plastic into works of art. Her work is a wonderful example of how everyday waste like junk mail and plastic can be used in such positive ways like creating works of art. I have seen numerous sculptures and collages made from recycled materials but never have I seen anything quite like this. She has inspired me to create sculptures of my own from plastic debris. They would make for excellent decorations!

Below are more examples of her work and a video of Robson talking about her installation The Great Indoors.

Here is a link to her website:


Caitlin Davis


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  1. kristysiciliano says:

    her work is absolutely amazing. i think it’s very creative and innovative to use all recycled items to create something so beautiful and that is also so unrecognizable that its made out of plastic when it looks like its made out of glass, totally want one.

  2. Wow! her work is really beautiful, like you said I can’t believe it is made of plastic and other trash. I like the organic forms and use of color. I am impressed that she used her activism to inspire such craftsmanship.

    ~CJ Hipp

  3. This is absolutely incredible. The artwork caught my eye at first and I cannot believe it’s made out of plastic and trash and other bits. Ridiculous how beautiful something thrown away can become.

  4. Bianca Pol says:

    These are INCREDIBLE. I’m obsessed with the water bottle light fixture sculpture.

  5. Damn that is some awesome stuff its really trippy and of course its cool that she used recycled stuff but its really cool that she came up with those shapes and ideas

  6. Elaine Wu says:

    This is quite possibly the most beautiful way I’ve ever seen water bottles be used!

  7. Daniel Hanks says:

    Is that bad reinforcement to say “you guys made trash, but it’s okay, I made this beautiful thing out of it,” instead of saying, “look at this ugly thing I made from trash and you are all responsible for it!”
    You are all right, they are really cool to look at.

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