No Impact Man was a compelling movie to me. He explored some interesting themes, ideas and norms of society.

After viewing this movie I got a bit inspired and hyped about reducing my carbon footprint. I set out to consider what I could do to lower it. A few things I am trying to do is, use a reusable container for water (no more water bottles), take shorter showers, reuse bags from the grocery store, and try to recycle more often when possible.

One of my goals this winter break is to try and convince my family to stop buying so much bottled water. An easy and simple less expensive solution would be to get a water softener for our tap. Not only would this save them money in the long run but it would also lower they’re overall carbon footprint. Another option, if I were unsuccessful would be to have them be more active in recycling the plastic bottles.

The social aspects apart of this movie were interesting to see how the families’ friends would comment, joke and show a slight disapproval of his experiment. Even the activists, writers and critics were all commenting harshly on his project.

Its always interesting to see someone do something outside societies norms and the backlash and reaction it receives, while it proves some good points. Much of his project would not be very effective for a normal person trying to reduce they’re carbon footprint, but he did learn a lot about smaller things people can do to contribute together and could have longer lasting solutions.

Another part that intrigued me the most was that he found volunteering with local activists and environmental groups created more of a sense of community that then lead to people feeling more responsible for the area they live. This contributes to a better cleaner area that everyone is apart of and cares about. Which also creates a sense of responsibility to take care of it.

Here are some easy and effective ways you can reduce your carbon footprint today!

Five good reasons to not drink bottled water.

Six best ways to reduce your carbon footprint at the grocery store.

How you can reduce your carbon emissions at home.

James Simmons


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