It is extremely unfortunate to hear officially that studies are showing that the genetic breeding of various types of foods are producing food that is drastically losing quality taste due to it’s scientific production, not that I haven’t tasted the change already.  The most extreme change that I have noticed is probably the same example that many college kids complain about, that in which college campus food has significantly become bland.  I never really noticed an extreme change until I became a college freshman and began noticing a certain tastelessness to the common food served in my campus’s cafeteria.  I tried to ignore the lack of taste, until it really bothered me during my sophomore year, in which I started to resent it.  It is extremely annoying that besides the fact that I am not only paying a considerable amount of money for this bland food, but that the food itself is also in decline in general, all around the country, if not the world.  I believe it is extremely irresponsible of the genetic scientists to continue the creation of the depleting variety of consumable food after all of the concerns being raised instead of finding an alternative, more resilient, way of growing natural food.  There are enough intelligent people in the scientific field to construct a plan that will benefit the food industry and still preserve the quality of food being made.  I don’t whether it’s out of laziness or corporate greed, but the scientists and the companies distributing the food are negligently destroying a very important cycle of natural life.

Ryan Schnee


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  1. I’ve noticed this long before even starting college. When I was a kid my Papa and I used to have our own garden, and would pick fresh tomatoes, radishes, and mint leaves. I used to eat them raw, loving the fresh taste. We would also always go to the local Farmers Market near his town and get a lot of vegetables and fruit.
    However, now that I’m almost 20, and try eating the fruits and vegetables I used to have as a kid raw I almost instantly have and allergic reaction. I have no idea if it’s due to GMO, the chemicals sprayed or injected into the plants, or something worse. I’ve also noticed the quality in taste go down as well. Now I need to cook everything for it to just taste good.
    It’s really sad now that I look back on it. I want my old vegetables and fruit back!

    Klarissa Parduba

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