Chipotle is leading in corporate food services becoming sustainable. They’re starting a
trend; when they began 1999 they had difficulty finding natural meat suppliers, however,
due to an increased demand they have pressured farmers into producing natural meat.
Chipotle created a supply by searching for farmers already producing naturally and by
guilting more farmers into it in order to meet their demands. They’re still working on
insuring that one hundred percent of their meat is naturally raised but the supply has
drastically increased since they began the search twelve years ago.
What is naturally raised meat? Naturally raised stipulates that the bovine are raised in a
humane manner and are free of extraneous hormones. Naturally raised also means that
that the animals are free reigned compared to an industrialized farm. As an example,
many dairy cattle are given rBGH a growth hormone used to increase milk productivity,
Chipotle refuses to use beef of rBGH origins. So the majority of the meat used in
Chipotle burritos is naturally raise, there are a plethora of ingredients in a burrito, what
about the rest?
Chipotle not only uses naturally raised meat but organic food. Chipotle uses organic and
locally grown vegetables and fruit when possible. Currently forty percent of the beans
used in the burritos is organically grown, an increasing percentage. Chipotle carefully
sifts through the farmers that are not organically certified as well, looking for the ones
that use intelligent and sustainable farming practices but aren’t necessarily organic
certified; this is a farm by farm investigation. Chipotle also makes a huge effort towards
supporting local farms in order to reduce the distance that the food must travel to get to
the consumer; however, being a large corporation it is difficult finding local supplies in
large quantities, therefore, Chipotle defines local as being within a 350 mile radius.
Considering how far ingredients travel for other corporations this is a step in the right
Not only does Chipotle make a great effort in carefully selecting the best grade products they can, they also pay close attention to how they treat their workers. Part of the reason that they use local farming whenever possible is to prevent exploitation of farmers. A quotation directly off of the Chipotle website states that, “No matter how big or small the farms we work with, it’s important that every worker is treated with dignity and respect. As a result, we have several policies in place designed to ensure that the products we use at Chipotle are grown, made, and shipped without exploiting people.”
Chipotle is very proud in the steps that they’re taking to provide their customers with the best quality food possible. They take only the best of the best, and make no exceptions. Chipotle also tries to really promote this aspect of their company. If you walk into any of their locations it says right on the big menu boards that they take use naturally raised animals. Another element of spreading the word of their “food with integrity” motto is that on every cup at their locations, it talks about either the quality of the food they use, treatment of the workers, or beneficial ways in which they use the environment. They have also recently come out with a promotional video, which is not only cute, but gets across their message very clearly.
Jacob Berrier
Danielle Burke
Daniel Miller

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  1. I had no idea Chipotle worked this way! I am absolutely going to eat there now. I didn’t think there was a single franchised restaurant that sold natural and organic. This makes the following make more sense:

    December 5 2011 Sarasota’s The Players Theater is hosting a free screening of “Fresh.” The first 100 guests receive a coupon for a free burrito from Chipotle.

    Check it out!

    ~CJ Hipp

  2. Oh awesome! Totally going to have to nab myself one of those free burritos.

    Yeah we really had no idea Chipotle was so involved in this, they’ve always seemed to support it but nowadays everything seems like a marketing ploy. This really seems like something they’ve thrown themselves behind and are all the better for it.

  3. Amanda Koh says:

    Yay! One more reason to satisfy my Chipotle craving! Its great to read that a fast food joint like that is taking a step to providing healthier and sustainable food.

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