Schim Schimmel a Man of Wonder

Biography provided by the artist:

Schim Schimmel is an internationally renowned artist/author whose artwork and books have been lovingly embraced world-wide for their beauty and environmental message.

Schimmel has been a full-time professional artist since 1987, having studied art with his father, a well known watercolorist and art instructor. Schimmel began showing his fine-art in Japan in 1991. In 1992 one of Japan’s largest book publishers, Shogakukan, asked Schimmel if he would be interested in writing a children’s book. “Dear Children of the Earth, A Letter from Home,” was released in 1993 in Japan, and published the following year in the United States.

Since then, three more children’s books by Schim Schimmel have been published: Children of the Earth…Remember; The Family of Earth; and his newest book, The Butterfly’s Treasure. In addition, three books of Schimmel’s collected artworks have been published, two in Japan and one in the United States.

Schim Schimmel communicates a simple yet profound message through his artwork and writing–the need to cherish and protect this world. In his words, “It is so easy with our complicated, busy, sometimes difficult lives to forget just how magnificent, how miraculous our planet earth truly is. It is equally easy to forget that we do not own, but share this planet with all its many life-forms. As an artist and writer, my desire is to remind all of us that we are responsible for the well being of this world.”
Today, Schim Schimmel and Kirk Smith own their own fine-art/book publishing company–SchimmelSmith Publishing, located in Burbank, California. Schimmel continues to travel to Japan every year to attend exhibitions of his artwork.


I relate to Mr. Schimmels work because of his love for animals. He has found a way to promote a good environmental message using his artwork, something I am still trying to do myself.

One idea I had for trying to help promote learning using my artwork is by creating patterns and t-shirt designs based off of extinct and endangered animals. They would include some sort of catchy phrase and a link to a website that has more information on the animals.

It would be awesome if there were more artists like Mr. Schimmel. Teaching children at a young age about how to safeguard and protect the planet is a noble task.

“On planet earth, every ecosystem, every plant and animal, every human being is dependant on the whole. There is no such thing as independency.” –Schim Schimmel

“Plants and animals and human beings do not only live on the earth, they are the earth. This precious planet is a living, breathing all-encompassing biosphere whose health and future rests in our hands.” – Schim Schimmel

Here is a video of Mr. Schimmel talking about his newest book and reading the first few pages..

-James Simmons


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  1. April says:

    These are amazing. I like that in the one with the wolves the night sky is below them and not above. His art work is very pleasing to me with the use of color and the animals. Especially the cute seals how could anybody not look at that and just say awe. I think its great that Schim Schimmel not only writes but does his own illustrations that are so marvelous.

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