I found the film “No Impact Man” pretty interesting. It was really something to see someone take that step and the struggles that came along with it. What was really interesting as well was all of the negative feedback that he got from people, as if consuming fewer resources, saving money, and living healthier were terrible anti-American ideas. The film definitely got me thinking even more about reducing my carbon footprint. I’m lucky enough to live a few minutes away from a great organic farm (Jessica’s off of University), which I have been going to weekly for my vegetables, which I also bring home in reusable bags. There is also a great organic farm called Worden which sets up at the Saturday morning market downtown which sells seasonal vegetables from FL. I would also like to work on becoming a weekday vegetarian (which this TED talk describes), since a large percentage of greenhouse gases come from production of livestock. This would in turn help me to cut back on my carbon foot print but also make it easier to control where the meat I eat comes from whether it be non overfished, wild caught seafood or cage free chicken. Due to all the issues involved with how cattle is raised in factory farms and the pollution is causes, I had already not been eating red meat for the past couple years.

I think really the main thing to think about is just being conscious before you buy something. Starting to think about where it comes from, how it’s made, where will it go when you’re finished.  Most of us have gotten used to our extremely convenient product driven lifestyles that it seems almost impossible to get away from it. But I think the film really brings that issue to light

-Matthew Decker


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  1. I really feel that everything can make a difference. If everyone thinks oh I’m just one person this wont matter nothing will change. I agree that it does help to know where your food is coming from as well. Awareness is so key.

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