Growing up I did not have much food diversity besides what was offered at the grocery stores. There were times when my grandfather kept a small garden behind his house. He would grow tomatoes, basil, and some other vegetables during the spring and summer seasons. Back then my grandmother would use these ingredients to make traditional Italian and Polish foods. One of my favorites was roasted red peppers, my grandfather would roast fresh red peppers on the grill and then they would be marinated in olive oil, fresh garlic, salt, and lemon.

Influenced by her parent’s choice to grow and have fresh vegetables and herbs. My mother grows and dries her own herbs in small quantities for family meals.

After I graduate my goal is to eat more locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables. I have been to the local farmers market in downtown Sarasota a few times, and was impressed by the better quality of the produce than what I am offered at local grocery stores. I intend to research and find one wherever I end up after graduation. Also if possible I plan on having a small garden where I can grow seasonal vegetables.

10 Reasons to go to a Farmers Market

James Simmons


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