I went to see the movie “Tapped” and was truly amazed by what I saw. The plastic bottle industry is extremely corrupt and is having a major impact not only on human health but also the environment. The chemicals used in plastic bottles such as styrene, BPS, and many others have been found to be quite poisonous and the methods of disposal for these bottles are also sub par. Only one person is in charge of making sure the bottles are safe and pass standards set by the water industry themselves. Also the only information and data they get is from the bottled water industry which of course is skewed so that they are not shut down. Almost every independent researcher who has studied bottled water has come to the conclusion that it is harmful for humans and the environment. Styrene and BPS are extremely toxic chemicals and are the main ingredients in the clear plastic bottles. The chemicals easily can leech into the water and can make people very sick. Not only is it bad for people, so few bottles actually make it to the recycling every year, that every major ocean has an area in it the size of texas that is literally a plastic soup. I really have a hard time supporting an industry that is that corrupt and that harmful. The people interviewed in the movie from the big companies really seemed to dodge every tough question thrown their way. It was very apparent that they are hiding the corruption going on right under our noses. After watching this movie I have dramatically cut down my buying of anything in a plastic bottle. It only hurts the environment, yourself, and feeds money to a corrupt industry. I support none of that and am trying to ween myself off of anything in a plastic bottle.


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  1. mvalenti (15) says:

    I only used to think buying water bottles was bad because of the recycling thing. Now we learn that drinking from bottles is actually dangerous and a bit toxic for us. That is scary. I don’t think I will ever buy any bottled drinks if I can help it (I already try to stay away from them now), this just gives me more reason too. Thanks for sharing the info!

  2. What amazes me is how much regular water is used to make the bottle itself. Makes no sense why we are so hooked on something that comes out of all of our taps that we pay bills every month for, and doesn’t hardly taste any better. Especially now that there are so many easy ways to filter it yourself (even on the go with those new brita bottles).

    What I really want to know is how can we change our consumption of sodas in plastic bottles, because that is the only way it is readily available in quantities more than a few ounces. Are cans any better for the environment?

  3. Amanda Koh says:

    Oh wow, your post makes me want to look up that movie to watch it for myself. Karla did mention how she thought bottled water was bad but I thought it was due to the non biodegradability of the plastics, I didn’t realize it would affect one’s health that much as well.

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