Carnovsky “Dream Bag- JaguarShoes, london” is an installation, with the Jungle as the main concept. Interested in how the environment can leave you feeling tangled and engulf by the dense redundant vegetation and bizarre creatures.  Traditionally Carnovsky is a printmaker; using screen print and digital prints.  To capture the feeling of over whelming dens vegetation and animal interaction the artist uses multiple layers of transparent ink. Color choice plays a main role in image development; cyan, magenta, black, and yellow are the main colors chosen by Carnovsky for the “Dream Bag”. In the artist other work he works with red, green, and blue.

When I first viewed this work by Carnovsky I was excited to see how he incorporated it into a coffee shop.  Exposing his imagery to all the customers. I also appreciate how it is light interactive producing an evolving image while exposed to a different color light, relating to the many climate variations that can occur in the jungle.   The scale at which Carnovsky works fits the subject matter well, it may even have some hidden allegory. Larger animals being higher up in the food chain, or just being closer to extinction.  In some of his layers the animals are larger in scale than other images in opposing layers.  Some of the imagery consists of monkeys, elephants, anteaters, snakes, birds, and a variation of different plant and vegetation.

Human Interaction

by Chris Schumaker


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  1. Whoa!!!! I love the colors!!! I just want to keep looking at it! In fact, I really want to visit this cafe now.

  2. This is so cool!! I’d love to see this in person, its such a great idea!

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