Tapped was a real eye-opener. I have always thought the notion of bottled water was pretty ridiculous, but damn is it convenient a lot of times. Especially in a society that has become increasingly pro-healthy it can be hard to decide what’s best for you and what’s best for the environment. Today we face a dilemma, while the media is constantly telling us we need to drink water and be healthy, at the same time buying bottled water under the notion you’re doing your body good, are actually doing both harm to yourself and the environment.

One of the many issues with the bottled water trade covered in the film, was the effect of BPA on the body, and how it’s found in every plastic bottle of water you can buy.  What I found most startling is the lack of government oversight and regulation on the production and distribution of bottled water. As long as the manufacturer of the bottled water harvests or “mines” the water and sells the water within a state, there are no government regulations or tests performed on that water. This has also led to a new problem.

Bottlers in the U.S. such as Coke and Pepsi, have been buying up land all over the country just for the purpose of water mining, often with little regard for the surrounding communities.  Even as severe droughts continue to ravage areas around the country, these manufacturers continue to deplete the already sparse water reserves and there seems to be little anyone can do to stop them.

Anyone who naively thinks they are doing the right, healthy thing by purchasing and consuming bottled water should think twice. Not only are you harming yourself you are hurting the environment in which you live as well.

-Tim Lowell


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  1. Wow, I usually knew much about bottled waters and soda companies, but I had no idea about their water mining exploits. I honestly feel like the government ultimately must take action against the overgrowth of mega corporations that only seek to grow larger and larger.

  2. I also watched this documentary. I found it crazy that there is one beach really far away that when you throw some “away” into the environment it finds it’s way to this beach. The beach is now made of plastic sand. I find it hard to fathom that people have truly polluted so much that they have made a plastic beach.

  3. April says:

    I am appalled at the fact that companies are making people pay so much for something we as consumers can just get out of our facet. Its one thing to be in a third world country somewhere and you don’t know about the water but here in the U.S. our tape water is way more regulated than any of the bottle water companies. Go buy a brita and a nalgene bottle for gosh sacks people. Save yourself money and help the planet.

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