The No Impact Man documentary was extremely inspiring for me. I think it’s great that someone is willing to give up all the luxuries of life that they’re so used to having in order to raise awareness of what they believe in. To go to such extreme lengths makes me think I should be doing something as well – even if it’s only a quarter of what he did in the film. After seeing the documentary, I was thinking of anything and everything that I could do to just put in what I could in order to make a difference in the environment. I first thought of really ridiculous ways to accomplish this, but then ended up with some ideas that were more practical for a financially strapped student such as myself. I thought about reducing my use of plastic bottles and containers for drinks, or maybe eliminating them all together. I purchased a self-filtering water bottle so I don’t have to purchase water bottles at all, I just reuse the one I have over and over, using water straight from the tap. I am leaving for Los Angeles in January for an internship and thought about going to the local markets instead of the major grocery stores. I looked into the area I will be living and found that there are plenty of local markets to choose from, so that is definitely a possibility. I also thought about cutting down on the amount of paper waste I use everyday – paper towels especially. Instead of turning to paper products anytime I need to wash my hands or do the dishes, a reusable cloth would be much more sustainable. Aside from the steps taken in order to conserve waste and live sustainably, I was also inspired by the changes they made to their diets in the film. The idea of eating extremely clean – eliminating fast food completely, processed foods, etc. – is very hard but is so much more healthier for you and the environment too. The movie shows the unfortunate acceptance by the general public of these major corporations’ fast food chains, and the food is clearly very, very bad for you. I have tried gardening in the past, but wasn’t very successful. I think when I graduate and actually have time, I would like to try and do that again in order to provide basic fruits and vegetables at home without having to buy from a grocery store.

For a link to a great product that can help reduce the use of water bottles, check out this LINK – for more information on self-filtering water bottles.

– Ashley Raynor


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  1. Tim L. says:

    Thanks for bringing this product to our attention….I think I will be buying one.

  2. Ashley Raynor says:

    They’re actually sold at Target now, best thing I’ve bought in a long time 🙂

  3. Ciera Fedock says:

    I know a guy who has one of those devices. the only problem is that if you plan on using it often you have to search for the right product for your needs. There are a lot of water filtration in-bottle systems that are sub par looking to make a buck off the current health trends.

  4. I wish they had a less girly looking filter water bottle. I would love to use one but I just can’t picture myself drinking from it, especially in the places where I bring a water bottle like the gym or to practice. I hear Brita makes one but I’ve never seen it sold anywhere around here. I’ll just have to keep looking.

  5. I love the idea of the bobble! I love products that are environmentally friendly but don’t sacrifice good design in the delivery.

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