Im glad to see this polar bear is taking action about climate change and the impact man has on every thing.

chris s


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  1. Tim L. says:

    “Save the Humans…from themselves…”

  2. chris s says:

    When I hear Coca-Cola I think of a sugar filled caffein drink that has been around before I could remember. Coca-Cola also makes me think of bottle water and the bad affiliated with it. Because they use polar bears as an advertisement they decided to help save them. This web address has more information about the attempts to save the Polar Bears

  3. Ciera Fedock says:

    Occupy North Pole.

    This polar bear looks so serious you can’t help but listen to his warning. We are one a fast track to destruction and who knows it better than those directly affected by our gluttonous nature

  4. This post made me laugh. I know it’s a serious topic, but knowing past ads from Coca-Cola where they are trying to help them, now someone is taking the iconic image of the bear and focusing it back at us. To me it’s like he’s saying, ‘Donate to save the humans!’

    Klarissa Parduba

  5. James Simmons says:

    Not gonna lie, that’s pretty awesome.

  6. Haha, hilarious. This polar bear has it all figured out. Save us from ourselves, and polar bears. Polar bears are pretty dangerous. Especially now that climate change has forced them further south into grizzly bear territory, and they are mating to create super murder bears that have lost their natural fear of humans.

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