No Impact Man was an interesting documentary and it really was an huge eye opener. I give him and his family a lot of credit for doing what they did. Not many people today would be able to do what they did because people rely on everything to survive that they didn’t use. Everyone is selfish and takes everything for granted and if they lived without everything they did, they would probably have a heart attack and wouldn’t be able to survive without everything that they were used to having. It inspired me to go to farmers markets in the area to help out and support the farmers in the area, not only are they better, they’re also cheaper than any produce at the grocery store. Also, buying the fruit and vegetables from the local farm markets, in my opinion, is better because you get to know the local farmers and help them out so they don’t suffer in this god awful economy. Besides buying my fruits and vegetables from farmers markets, No Impact Man definitely inspired me a lot to re-evaluate my uses of everyday items and cut them down to produce less waste, I don’t like to be wasteful and the amount of trash a person produces is kind of repulsive in my opinion at least. For instance when I drive to school everyday I drive past the trash area at the apartment complex I live in and when I look at it I get disgusted, it’s usually filling up over the top and there’s no need for that. People today are so wasteful, I wish everyone would just think about how selfish they’re being and think about saving and preserving the earth. I mean at the rate we are going who knows what is going to happen if we keep up this madness. People these days.

-Kristy Siciliano


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  1. Maggie Lee says:

    I can also relate to the whole driving by the giant trash heap at your apartment. I used to live in an apartment complex and I was always disgusted by the overflowing waste dump. I’m always trying to conserve, reuse, and recycle everything. I can’t understand how people don’t think the same way as we do. It’s just as simple to recycle something as it is to throw it away! I feel like I’m always giving “green lessons” to my friends.

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