Seeing the effort that Colin Beavan and his family put in proving the extent of leaving a minimal carbon footprint on earth was inspiring. The movie also showed various aspects of their struggles in a very realistic light. For example, the simple convenience of having a fridge and what happens when it is taken away from them. The ability to buy and store food for a longer term and what kinds of food they are able to get was drastically reduced. The struggle of his wife whom very obviously loves fashion and everything that comes with it and how she reacted to him cleaning her make up away for the year. In the end she pulled herself together and went into the tub to wash the clothes with the rest of the family. Also, showing how he was actively educating his child on the effects and how to live green will certainly impact her way of life which is quite an inspiring message about educating the new generation. I do not think that I would ever be able to go to their extent and have zero impact on earth, unfortunately there are certain luxuries that have become almost a necessity in our day and age like the usage of toilet paper. Also, the ability to buy organic or local food is limited to what kind of budget one has. As a student, I have to be aware of my finances and buying organic food is definitely more expensive. This is something I would love to do in the future, after all it is healthier. What I am more conscious of on the other hand would be reusing or limiting my usage of disposable bottles. I have also been more observant about turning off the lights and electrical appliances when they are not in use.

There are some easy ways in which we can try to lessen our impact on earth. For example in the following article. Buying energy saving products like light bulbs are easy to do and help out tremendously in the long run. Reusing plastic bags especially from grocery shopping or getting a reusable hardy bag for it also accumulates in the long run. Currently my roommates and I save our plastic bags in a cabinet to reuse and looking at how many we have accumulated, I realize that if I get an environmentally green bag for my future trips, I will not need the grocers to bag my items in plastic bags.  10 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Impact.

Another interesting site is This website helps one to calculate the amount of carbon emission we are producing. Being aware of what amounts of carbon we are causing can also help us to be more creative in finding out individual ways we can help the environment in our everyday lives.

To end of my post, here is an animation that shows visually the science of global warming and the vision of the company that is trying to change it.

– Amanda Koh


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  1. Tim L. says:

    I’m like you, being a student (especially at Ringling) means I’m on a pretty strict budget. Organic is just not an option. I try to limit how much fast food I intake, but I think fo rthe most part…being healthy will have to wait until I can afford it ( what a depressing thought that is :/ ).

  2. I really enjoyed reading the link to the 10 easiest ways to green your home. I know a lot of times when it comes to cleaning some old home remedies can work better than the harsh chemicals you buy at the store. Back home we switched all of our lightbulbs to lightbulbs that used less energy and last longer. Now I just need to change out the lightbulbs in the house I’m living in now. This film has really opened my eyes to ways of living that could benifit our planet.

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