“No Impact Man” was a very inspiring movie to see someone make such a commitment and fallow through with it. Some people may sit there and complain that he didn’t go the whole time without electricity and that they wound up using transportation to go to the farm but I’m sure many of us would not be able to do the steps that the Beavan family did to try and make no impact. I respect Colin for his attempt in opening people’s eyes and showing that we can live here without having such an impact on the earth but I feel he was able to do this because he is a writer and he works from home. Majority of their food was from the market needed to be bought every few days. I myself find it hard to find time to go to the grocery store once a week let alone to a farmer market every few days.

Majority of the reason we are such a consumer driven world is because everything now of days moves so fast. You buy the newest and coolest phone out there and months later they come out with a faster and better version. Who has time to wash their clothes in a bath tub when we can just put the clothes in the washer and go do homework or clean the rest of the house instead?

Now don’t get me wrong I truly did enjoy the movie. It was great for showing people you don’t need a television to have fun and that you actually do more when you don’t have one because so many people sit around wasting so much time doing nothing. I’m sure the Beavan family was in so much better shape at the end of the project than they were at the beginning because they took the stairs and they rode their bike.

I found some faults in the movie as well as some very inspiring facts. Not sure exactly what I could do in my own life to make no impact and something that I would actually follow through with. I already try not to buy things that are individually packaged because it’s just more waste going into the trash. I use a refillable water bottle rather than buying bottled water but that’s because I don’t want to pay for something I can get for free out of my faucet. I know these little things can’t change the world but every little step helps.

-April White


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